Delaneys Milestone Comparison

Delaney is a role model of what can be achieved with early intervention because the Ott-Dahl’s started her interventions before she was even born.  There are many people following Delaney’s advancements because of this. Want to follow her too?  Visit Delaney’s Facebook page which is filled with pictures and videos documenting her achievements as well as the Ott-Dahl’s Blog!

We believe that every child born with Down syndrome can achieve greatness! Below is Delaney’s Milestone Comparisons with links to videos when available.

ACTIVITY                                       AVG Baby with DS                      AVG baby w/out DS          DELANEY Choline/Therapies

Responds to Sounds                                         1 Months                                                    0 Months                                           0 Months            

Smiles When Talked to                                      2 Months                                                   1 Months                                           2 Months

Follows Objects w/Eyes                                     3 Months                                                  1.5 Months                                         1.5 Months 

Holds Head Steady                                           5 Months                                                   3 Months                                           3 Months    

Reaches Out and Grasps                                  6 Months                                                   4 Months                                           5 Months

Babbes                                                             7 Months                                                   4 Months                                           Months 

Rolls Over                                                          8 Months                                                   5 Months                                           2 Months 

Sits Alone                                                           9 Months                                                   7 Months                                           5 Months 

Responds to simple instructions                       16 Months                                                  10 Months                                          8 Months  

Crawls                                                                12 Months                                                  8 Months                                          10 Months

Pulls to Stand                                                     ?  Months                                                   9 Months                                          10 Months

Stands Alone                                                      18 Months                                                  11 Months                                          

Drinks From a Straw                                           20 Months                                                  12 Months                                         10 Months

Walks                                                                  23 Months                                                  12 Months                                         15 Months  

First Words Spoken with Meaning                      18 Months                                                   14 Months                                         10 Months

Two Word Phrases                                             30 Months                                                  20 Months                                          15 Months